Does Deal Dash Actually Work?

Does Deal Dash work?

DealDash, just like any other penny auction website, makes most of its money by selling bids.

The bids are sold in packs of 100s and other sizes and the more you bid, the more money the company makes.

In addition to the value of the bids, the company also receives the final price at which the product is sold..

Are DealDash items new or used?

On DealDash, bidders that don’t win the auction may purchase the same item for the MSRP retail value using Buy It Now—doing so gets you not only the item, but the bids used in the auction are returned to the bidder so that they may use them again in other auctions.

What is the best time to bid on DealDash?

Personally, I have found the best times to bid in general are weekdays during the daytime, and holidays. However, DealDash has grown to be such a huge site with so many people opening accounts and bidding it’s really hard to say.

How do you get free bids on deal dash?

Free Bids are Always Welcome In case you didn’t know, you can get free bids from DealDash by signing in and placing at least 1 bid daily, taking a selfie of yourself with your DealDash auction win, and you can also amass “clock time” by being the highest bidder in any auction.

What is the catch with DealDash com?

On DealDash, bidders that don’t win the auction, can buy the same item for its Buy it Now price using the Buy it Now feature, and get all the bids they used back for free. When you use the Buy it Now on DealDash, you always get all your bids back for free.

How do I get my money back from Deal Dash?

To qualify for a refund, users must email within 90 days of purchase and request for the refund. The refund will be credited back to you in 7 business days. The refund will be granted regardless of if you have won or lost auctions, or whether you have Bids left on your account or not.

How long do bids last on DealDash?

These auctions will go on for about 20 minutes to an hour and 20 minutes. You will use 60 to 200 bids. Again, don’t underestimate the BIN if the item is right and all the stars align, remember, there is an element of luck too.

Is DealDash honest?

Truth be told, the people who do manage to win a DealDash auction on occasion likely spend a lot more on bids in all the auctions they lose than they save on the auctions they actually win. Bottom line: As they claim in their commercials, DealDash really is “a fair and honest auction” site and not a scam.

Is DealDash legit 2020?

Most people have been saying that is a legitimate auction site that they recommend. Many people have had the chance to win popular items off of the site and thus have been satisfied with it.

How do you win at Deal Dash?

Tips & TricksConserve Your Bids. Bidding rapidly will only waste your bids and inflate the auction price. … Book A BidBuddy. The majority of auctions on DealDash are won by using the BidBuddy. … Earn Free Bids. … Study The Competition. … Buy It Now & Get Your Bids Back. … Check Out The Winners. … Try Different Times. … On a Budget?More items…

How much does DealDash cost?

At DealDash, you can buy a pack of as few as 60 bids, or as many as 1,000, for 60 cents each. At Gankit, bids cost 55 cents each, with packages starting at $22 (or 40 bids).

Is DealDash a ripoff?

“DealDash advertises its fake ‘brand name’ products at outrageously high retail prices —totally divorced from economic reality,” the complaint states. “In fact, consumers are betting on products that are not worth even half their advertised values, and in some cases, not worth one tenth of the advertised value.”