Quick Answer: Is Mg A Good Car 2020?

Are MG cars reliable?

Some are average, others quite disappointing, but overall MG’s dependability is nothing to shout about.

In a Telegraph survey in 2013 about engine reliability, MG actually came out as the worst car brand for engine reliability.

They found that 1 in 13 MG’s failed..

Is MG ZS worth buying?

Overall verdict. If you’re looking for a small family SUV that’s practical, affordable and reasonably well-equipped, the MG ZS is well worth considering. Okay, it might not feel quite as upmarket as the likes of the Mazda CX-3 but it’s significantly cheaper to buy and much roomier inside.

Are the new MGS any good?

It’s not perfect but is good value for money and so far has performed fairly well. Spacious interior, good front and side visibility, willing engine and precise steering. Internal finishes are satisfactory given the price, switchgear and controls are reasonably intuitive to use.

Why are MG cars so cheap?

The manufacturers always has a process to decrease the cost to increase the profit and competitiveness with OEMs. so its normal to get better cars with same or less price each year. … So if MG cars are cheap it’s not because they want to sell it cheap, No on the contrary its basically they can’t sell more expensive.