Quick Answer: Where Can I Read Car Codes For Free?

Does AutoZone do loan scanners?


These tools come complete with instructions so you know how to use them.

To borrow a tool, just pick the tool you want at the closest store or on AutoZone.com and checkout.

We ask for a deposit, but you’ll get the full deposit back when you return the tool within 90 days..

Will AutoZone reset check engine light?

Yes they can make the light go out temporarily. They do it by using a scanner to erase the readiness monitors. Then until the readiness monitors reset (might be days, weeks or months) the light will stay off. That is, unless there is a hard failure then the light will come back when the car is restarted.

Where can I get my check engine light read?

Where to Get Your Check Engine Light Diagnosed. You have a few options to get your check engine light diagnosed. You can take it to the dealer or an auto mechanic shop, to an auto parts store like AutoZone, or you can check it yourself with a scan tool. Dealer or auto mechanic shop.

What is a p0000 code?

Related Codes. Conclusion. When the MIL or CEL (malfunction indicator lamp or check-engine light) illuminates on your dashboard, this means the ECU (engine control unit) has detected a fault. For most vehicles, the ECU drops the powertrain into an open loop mode (commonly referred to as “limp-home” mode).

What do you do when the check engine light comes on?

If the check engine light comes on, here are some tips on what you should do:Look for a serious problem that requires immediate attention. … Try tightening your gas cap. … Reduce speed and load. … Use built-in diagnostic services, if available.

What are u codes?

Network & Vehicle Integration (U-codes) category covers functions that are shared among computers and systems on the vehicle.

What’s the difference between stored codes and pending codes?

For a quick answer though, the difference between stored and pending codes is simple. Stored codes are put in place from the manufacturer to signal the computer when a common fault is detected. Pending codes are codes that prep themselves when they determine a fault that engine cycle.

Where can I get engine codes read for free?

At a local auto parts store Most auto parts stores will have an OBD-II scanner on hand to check the OBD-II PID service codes, and will do it for free. I’ve called several stores in my local area, and all of them said they will scan the codes for free.

How do you read car codes?

Inserting and Reading an OBD ScannerStep 1: Locate your vehicle’s OBD port. … Step 2: Plug your OBD scan tool into the connector. … Step 3: Read the codes in the computer. … Step 4: Record the codes that display. … Step 1: Break down your code into sections.The first section is the first character, which is always a letter.More items…•

Are AutoZone code readers accurate?

Autozone’s free diagnostic check is not extremely reliable. What they refer to as a “diagnostic check” is just having a code scanner hooked up to the vehicle’s computer. … I worked at autozone and at other parts stores for a few years, and I know that having codes scanned is very helpful.

Will AutoZone read ABS codes?

Unfortunately, the only way to check whether or not the problem is with the ABS is to go and get the codes of your car read. AutoZone can scan your codes as part of our Fix Finder service, or you can do it yourself if you already have a scan tool. Having the codes read assists in determining what the actual problem is.

Who can read check engine light codes?

Solving check engine light problems It can be read with OBD II scanners or readers through a connection (OBD port) usually located under the steering column. To read the code you have three options: 1. Take your car to a mechanic and pay a diagnostic fee.

Does AutoZone read codes for free?

Many drivers don’t realize that AutoZone, the nation’s largest auto parts chain, will do the following services free of charge: Read the codes on your check engine light. Test your battery’s voltage. Check your alternator and starter.

Can AutoZone read VW codes?

You can get a code read for free at AutoZone, and other similar places, but then you’ll have to figure out what malfunction caused it – and AutoZone won’t tell you that for free either. A diagnosis will include reading the code and tracing the cause down to the most likely failing part.

Will AutoZone put air in my tires?

Many car parts places will fill up your tires for free. (Autozone). Those lighter compressors are a waste of money. They do not last very long, they take forever to pump any significant amount of air and the sometimes catch on fire.

What is the best code reader for cars?

The 6 Best Car Code Readers of 2020Easiest-to-Use: Ancel Classic OBD Scanner at Amazon. … Best Budget: Veepeak OBDCheck VP39 at Amazon. … Best for Smartphone Users: BlueDriver Professional OBDII Scanner at Amazon. … Most Compact: Udiag OBD2 Scanner at EBay. … Best Bluetooth: BAFX Products BAFX Products Wireless WiFi OBD2 at Amazon.

What does the check engine light mean on a Volkswagen?

Volkswagen Jetta Check Engine Light Flashing Other common reasons for a Check Engine Light are faulty head gasket, faulty emissions control part, a malfunction with the fuel injection system, damaged oxygen sensor, dirty mass airflow sensor, or defective spark plugs to name a few.